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Rich DiSilvio is an author, advertising art director/designer/illustrator, and new media developer. His artwork has adorned the projects of numerous clients in various industries; from music & entertainment to publishing, educational and corporate. His creative work has adorned the projects of Pink Floyd, Cher, Moody Blues, Sheryl Crow, Rolling Stones, Yes, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Jay-Z, Willie Nelson, Madonna and documentaries and cable TV shows, such as James Cameron's The Lost Tomb of Jesus, Operation Valkyrie, Monty Python, Tracey Ullman, Celebrity Mole and more.

As an author, Rich DiSilvio has authored several books, including The Winds of Time: An analytical study of the titans who shaped Western Civilization. Liszt's Dante Symphony, an historical thriller, A Blazing Gilded Age, a historical novel, My Nazi Nemesis, a dark thriller. Tales of Titans, Short Stories, Meet My Famous Friends, Danny and the Dreamweaver and numerous articles on history, art, music and politics that have appeared in magazines and books.


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