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Thrill ride! Page turner! Keeps you on the edge of your seat!
Those descriptions are often used in reviews for this genre, but no book I’ve read yet has earned those descriptions as much as My Nazi Nemesis. This is a masterfully written novel, sure to be a bestseller. The author, Rich DiSilvio, knows how to weave a story that intricately develops the characters and progresses the plot in a way that leaves no cracks for anything to slip through. A highly recommended read for any fan of this genre.” — Nellie Laurie

The Arnolfini Art Mysteries focuses on two of Rich DiSilvio's strong points; art and thinking outside the box.” — Pegboard

"Short Stories V is so rich with imagination and wonderful writing that DiSilvio now ranks as a world-class storyteller." — Steve Painter

Short Stories IV: Fantasy & Sci-Fi is my second foray in the wonderful writings of Rich DiSilvio and to say I am impressed would be an understatement. He is a master of words; he chooses his words so wisely so that they have the best impact on the reader.” — Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

A Masterpiece! My Nazi Nemesis is amazing! Every segment, every part of it! Breathtaking, a bit nerve-wrecking, but all in all – a masterpiece!” — Ivan Hecimovic

What is it about this author’s writing that has garnered him so much praise and recognition? Well, it didn’t take long to find out. DiSilvio hooked me quickly with his superb writing skills, his sense of humor, his easy dialogue, and his amazing descriptions of not just the art but the art museums and his own obvious enjoyment of his protagonist, Armand Arnolfini.” — Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite - re: The Arnolfini Art Mysteries

"DiSilvio yet again crafts a Masterpiece of historical fiction with his novel A Blazing Gilded Age.
I've read some of DiSilvio's other work, and he consistently illustrates an amazing ability to create realistic dialogue between his characters, crafting authentic voices that truly seem to replicate the zeitgeist of an era through colloquialisms, thoughts, and phrasing, and exhibiting none of the crass, spurious, and poorly-researched dialogue typical of some attempts at historical fiction.

DiSilvio is truly a master of history, with a intimate knowledge of events both on a the grand, national scale, and on the more localized 'small scale' of how history effects the average man or woman." — Charles Hanna

“DiSilvio has become one of my favorite authors. The imaginative head of this writer is a force to be reckoned with. " — Jose Popoff regarding Short Stories II

Short Stories III captures your imagination! Mr. DiSilvio is a skilled storyteller. His words capture the moment and the mood. These are original, off the main stream, well told stories that make a point. Characters are believably drawn and presented. Expect an intelligent, emotional ride and a twist or two along the way.” — Robert Krueger

"The Winds of Time is a mesmerizing narrative of civilization's journey written with keen insight by Rich DiSilvio. DiSilvio is a fervent scholar of the past with a refreshing outlook rooted in common sense and practical analysis. As a journalist, I found The Winds of Time a riveting work of historical scholarship. The reader comes away marinated in the richness of Western civilization. DiSilvio's research and creative touches turn what often is a droll exercise by narrow-minded scholars into what history is and ought to be. The Winds of Time is a great story.” — Truby Chiaviello, editor of Primo magazine

Couldn’t Contain the Laughter! What first caught my attention was the beautiful cover, the clear and colorful, yet humorous image on it, but I couldn’t imagine that Danny and the DreamWeaver would be such a delightful read, a spellbinding fantasy read for young adults. The author combines elements of art history, time travel, and intrigue to weave a great story that will have readers laughing their lungs out, very often throughout the story.” — Romuald Dzemo

“When I first learned award-winning Rich DiSilvio also wrote children’s books I was speechless. I just read his compilation of Short Stories II and he proves, once more, he’s a master at weaving thrilling, exciting stories. The collection is vast and rich, my favorite story: The Russian Link. Think of a modern Sherlock Holmes, living in New York in the seventies, solving crimes while listening to Pink Floyd. It can’t get any cooler than that.” — Lorenza Seldner

"DiSilvio has the rare talent of combining rich artwork with cultural literacy to create flights of imagination.  Meet My Famous Friends is a book that will inspire young people and the young at heart to make new friends in history!" -- JB McPherson for Readers' Favorite

A Blazing Gilded Age was extremely well written.The author obviously knew his subject matter and has conducted in-depth research about the era. The characters were fascinating, not only because of their diversity, but because of their drive and motivations. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in historical fiction.” — Mary E. Young

Tales of Titans is the set of history books I wish I had in my long-ago school days (or at least a complement to the dry tomes that were foisted upon us).” — Randy Myers

“One word, and that word is simply “Amazing”.  Amazing captures my reaction to the scope and sheer knowledge contained in The Winds of Time. Rich DiSilvio is a true Renaissance Man, and in his veins runs the blood of Dante, Da Vinci and Michelangelo.” — Rudy Carmenaty, Attorney

DiSilvio does it again with The Arnolfini Art Mysteries, giving readers another taste of his variegated expertise in diverse fields, shaped with his excellent knack for engaging storytelling.” — Charles Hanna, Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer

A Treasure Trove of Tales. This second book of short stories is Rich DiSilvio in full form. I recently read another book of his, and truth be told, this man does have something special. The stories he weaves are pure treasure!” — Priyanka Athavale

“LOL WOW.. let me just go ahead and say that I don’t think full-bore comedy gets enough recognition in the literary world, so this book came as a very refreshing and exciting new addition to my Kindle library. I mean come on, a giant nose named Nostrildamus who is blind and can see into the future!? That is gold!

That being said, there is A LOT MORE to the story than just some goofy, half-wit comedic punch lines. Danny and the Dreamweaver is absolutely a complete story that falls somewhere in between Alice in Wonderland, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Matrix. (Ok so maybe a lot closer to the former than the latter). In any regard, readers with an interest in fantasy with a liking to comedy will definitely appreciate this work, which follows the likable and relatable Danny through a series of half-asleep/half-awake mind/body experiences and mishaps that will keep you entertained from start to finish.” — DLB

Crisp, Concise and Incredibly Entertaining. Rich DiSilvio has a very witty style of writing that makes him unique and stand out.” — Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

"While some readers may pause because of the plethora of stories about WW II and the extremes of the Nazis, this reader would hastily add ‘but you haven’t thought about it the way Rich has’. His story is unique in that it relives a period of time and then brings it back in to the future like a ghost story – a very clever and successful choice for creating a fascinating new novel.” — Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top Reviewer

Liszt's Dante Symphony...Another Masterful Work by today's Dante. Let me begin by noting that any book whose opening line is ‘All Hell broke loose!’ is surely one to grab my attention.” — Rudy Carmenaty, Attorney

DiSilvio’s writing has so much imagination and thought put into it that it makes his stories engaging from the start without any lulls!” — Davis Handley

What a magnificent book!!! As soon as I started it, Rich DiSilvio's prose immediately grabbed me. The opening scene in the coal mine is so very touching and disturbing. When one thinks of the Gilded Age, one thinks of the Morgans or the Vanderbilts—yet this brilliantly written historical novel shows the other side—the millions of people—many of them children—who labored in horrific and dangerous situations, many dying, so that the Tycoons could live like Kings and the Industrial Revolution could transform America.” — Richard Friedman, JM Book Club

Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2 by Rich DiSilvio is a sophisticated series of short stories that involve a master sleuth, his co-partner and recent bride, the quest to recover lost works of art and surrounding plots that will engage and captivate the reader. DiSilvio’s exceptional writing is demonstrated with the development of the characters and the sophistication of their interaction with people of wealth as they seek to recover lost treasures and masterpieces created by talented renowned artists.” — Brian A.

Exciting, Fascinating, and Witty. Short Stories IV: Fantasy & Sci-Fi is a compilation of short stories that are highly imaginative and engaging.” — Faith Lee

Impressive as his credentials are, there is no comparison to becoming immersed in DiSilvio's brilliant stories – tales that transports into other worlds – whether in timeframe or intrigue. Rich is a gifted artist on many levels and his talent continues to grow. Highly recommended!” — Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top Reviewer

"A Powerfully Written Historical Drama. DiSilvio has written a gripping novel about America in the Gilded Age. The story starts out with action and a heart-wrenching event that sets up the story very well - it will have you hooked from the start. It’s a powerfully written book.” — Sky Rae

DiSilvio weaves an incredible tale in Liszt’s Dante Symphony, packed with great musicians, politicians, clergymen and villains. I loved it!” — Christina Kiss – pianist of the Liszt Cycle at Carnegie Hall

“Mr. DiSilvio’s brilliant writing captured me right away. The world history, musical history, and art history lessons we are exposed to in this book are amazingly done and I kept thinking,If only teachers taught us in this fashion, how much we would learn!’” — Marilyn Sultar

EXTRAORDINARY! Short Stories II by Rich DiSilvio is an eclectic collection of tales ranging from the Roman era to the 19th century right up to the modern day.” — Charles Remington for Readers' Favorite

Short Stories IV actually opens with a fantastical mashup of European history. What do Germany’s Graf Zeppelin and Scotland’s Craigievar Castle and prehistoric carved stone balls have in common? Time travel, of course! I love this stuff. Time travel paradoxes are always fun to ponder. But what makes this especially engrossing and fun is the author’s ability to weave era-crossing historical facts into this outlandish yarn. While being wildly entertained, Rich DiSilvio whets the appetite for historical knowledge.

Short Stories IV continues with imaginative tales based on the explorations of the great Viking Chieftain Leif Erikson, Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, and Japan’s Suicide Forest. How can anyone not be intrigued with subject matter like that? And I guarantee you will not be expecting the paths the author leads you down with them.

Short Stores IV leaves me eager for Short Stories V, should there be one. Rich DiSilvio's range is as wide as it is deep, so I have no idea what to expect, but I know I am intrigued.” — Randy Myers

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