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PRIMO magazine's article, entitled Rich DiSilvio: A Renaissance Man for the Digital Age, appeared in the Third Edition 2017 issue. Click the image above to launch the PDF to read the full four-page feature about DiSilvio's careers in art, architecture, literature, and software development.

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A to Z Animal Alphabet

The Arnolfini Art Mysteries series continues with the second installment.

Appearing in KIRKUS Magazine.

Rich DiSilvio is interviewed in Primo Magazine
regarding The Arnolfini Art Mysteries

DiSilvio critiques Jonathan Jones and Stephanie Storey's assessments of
Leonardo & Michelangelo

Critique of Jonathan Jones' The Lost Battles and Stephanie Storey's Oil and Marble.

Author/Historian Rich DiSilvio with Hofstra History Professor Michael D'Innocenzo and Josephine Maietta, AIAE Cav.

AUTHORS NIGHT in East Hampton, NY

Lee Grant

Author Rich DiSilvio with Hollywood icon Lee Grant. "It was an honor meeting Lee, she's been one of those silver screen stars that I recall from childhood and through the years, who made me feel as if I always knew her personally---and now I do. A real treat!" - RD

Henry Bushkin

Author Rich DiSilvio exchanging books with Henry Bushkin: Lawyer, Close Friend and Biographer of Johnny Carson. "Despite Johnny Carson's colossal stardom and charisma, he made viewers feel as if he was your good buddy, simply chatting and horsing around with guests. So it was no surprise when I met Johnny's lawyer, Henry Bushkin, for he too is a down to earth man without airs and an extreme pleasure to talk with. Henry's close relationship with Carson made him a qualified biographer for this complex megastar, who had many facets, some bright and familiar, but others dark and unknown to the public, until now. Meanwhile, although Henry was in the shadows, he came in contact with almost every Hollywood super star from our golden past, and to have befriended him is a great honor." - RD

Allison Pataki

Exchanging books with Allison Pataki - Fellow Historical Fiction Author and daughter of former NY Governor George Pataki. "It was a special treat to meet Allison, who is a very sweet and intelligent woman. It was electrifying to discuss and share our love of history, and I was further elated when I spoke to her father, who said he intends to read A Blazing Gilded Age as well. Meanwhile, Allison's unique novel, The Traitor's Wife, brings to light Peggy Arnold, Benedict Arnold's scheming wife, whose loyalty to the British Crown could have altered history if she succeeded. It's a book not to be missed!" - RD

Celebrity/Authors Dick Cavett and Giada De Laurentiis. "Older and newer stardom abounded at the event, and Dick's & Giada's stellar careers are mirrored by their stellar personalities. Although not getting a chance to speak with Giada, since her table was inundated with fans, I did capture her charisma in action. Meanwhile, Dick Cavett is a fascinating man, his talents exceeding being a jovial and erudite talk show host, being a writer for Johnny Carson and Jerry Lewis, as well as a comedian with a good sense of humor, even when leveled at himself. It was a pleasure meeting the man who interviewed mega personalities as disparate as John Lennon and Richard Nixon!" - RD

DiSilvio's MG & YA picture book, Meet My Famous Friends, wins the RF SILVER AWARD.

Invited as a guest speaker at the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Rich DiSilvio spoke about the role of heroic women in his latest novel, My Nazi Nemesis, as well as in his non-fictional release Tales of Titans, Vol. III, which features Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Harriet Tubman among others.

Rich was presented with a certificate by Helene Berk, Vice President of Programming (left), and Doris Reynolds (right), President of the Massapequa area branch.

Receiving the Gold Award for My Nazi Nemesis.

At the 2016 RF international book award event in Miami. On right, standing with Film Director/Writer Mark Mahon, from Cork, Ireland.



My Nazi Nemesis Wins the Gold Award

My Nazi Nemesis wins the 2016 Gold Award in an international book contest among thousands of entrants, sponsored by Readers' Favorite.


My Nazi Nemesis

My Nazi Nemesis is a BIG Hit

My Nazi Nemesis has charted on Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller List in the Historical Thriller category.

Book signing at L.I. Picture Frame & Art Gallery in Oyster Bay, NY.

Book Signing Oyster Bay was the home of Theodore Roosevelt, and as such, Rich created a digital piece of artwork specifically for this occasion. It stands on the easel next to him. It depicts TR the hunter, grabbing a rhino by the horn, while the heads of a bull and moose are mounted on the wall behind him, symbolic of his Bull-Moose Party. Printed as a high quality giclee on canvas, it is available for purchase here http://www.dvbooks.net/giclees.htm

A BLAZING GILDED AGE receives rave reviews on Amazon.com

Amazon Reviews


Massapequa Life magazine does full page feature and interview with Rich DiSilvio, author of "A Blazing Gilded Age"

Massapequa Life's editor Brian Radewitz begins by stating, "Rich DiSilvio takes readers back in time to an era where titans ruled the world." And indeed men like J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt and others did rule, and not always with compassion. To read the interview pick up a copy today.

Rich DiSilvio in Massapequa Life magazine

"Liszt's Dante Symphony" Receives glowing review in Primo magazine

Primo magazine's editor hails DiSilvio's novel, stating: "He utilizes his fertile mind of historical facts and anecdotes to add depth to what is a suspenseful and gripping tale in Liszt's Dante Symphony" .... "DiSilvio is praised for penning a novel that is as entertaining as it is informative. Be sure to include Liszt's Dante Symphony on your Christmas reading list."

LISZT'S DANTE SYMPHONY receives rave reviews on Amazon.com

Amazon Reviews

Trailer for "Liszt's Dante Symphony" hits YouTube

Rich DiSilvio appears at Waldenbooks


Radio Interview

Rich DiSilvio recently appeared on the WNB radio network. The interview was conducted by station host Don McCauley.
Launch Radio Interview.

DonRadio host Don McCauley

"I found Rich to be not only a great guest, but a very dedicated and learned writer. His subject matter is fascinating. He really opened my eyes to some points I had never considered. I highly recommend this enlightening and fascinating book and would also recommend him as a guest in any media format." - Don McCauley

Rich DiSilvio receives Award for
The Winds of Time



NYC attorney, and MPGOP president, Rudy Carmenaty honored Rich DiSilvio with a moving speech that said in part "You are a true Renaissance Man. In your veins runs the blood of Dante, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. In this work you have gone beyond the call of duty. The Winds of Time is a book that should be required reading and in everyone's home."

Professors laud The Winds of Time

Philosophy professor John La Corte
Gilda Rorro Baldasari PhD.
Dr. A. Kenneth Ciongoli

Each of these professors contacted the author to personally extend their high regards. Or as Professor La Corte said, "read it with great delight!"

The Winds of Time receives rave review in OSIA's The Golden Lion by Peter Zuzolo.

The Winds of Time receives star review in Primo Magazine by publisher/editor Truby Chiaviello.

Interview on Radio Maria

Fran Franchina interviews Rich DiSilvio about The Winds of Time

PART ONE: Rome & Greece - Roman influences on America

PART TWO: Hitler, FDR, Corporate Greed, Christ and Columbus

Author receives accolades from GOP.

Rich DiSilvio received healthy applause after an engaging performance as guest speaker at the Massapequa Park GOP meeting Wednesday night on September 3, 2008.

DiSilvio was invited by the
Park GOP's Executive Leader Steve Labriola, and the event took place at Massapequa's Town Hall. This was the author's first public appearance after spending the previous five years writing his provocative and pragmatic tome on Western civilization, The Winds of Time.

DiSilvio’s brief overview of the 740 page book led into an active Q&A session that not only sparked enthusiasm and audience participation but also extended well beyond the allotted time frame. The author presented an unbiased defense of great American politicians from both parties, including Democrats, such as FDR or James Polk, as well as Republicans like Lincoln and Reagan.

Four weeks after DiSilvio's appearance the Club President, James Magas, had this to say...

"We had a great turnout for our last meeting. Our special guest Rich DiSilvio was very interesting and the reaction over the past month has been unbelievable. Many of our club members very much enjoyed his visit. Congratulations to those who were fortunate enough to win his book - enjoy!" - James Magas



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